Progressive Heating, Air and Plumbing offers Flat-Rate Pricing

Would you ever go to a restaurant, order a steak, then later pay the chef according to how long it took him to prepare it? What if he burned it and had to start over? Would the charge be double? Would you pay more for one done medium well than the girl who ordered hers rare? That wouldn’t make any sense!

That’s how we feel about the hourly rate and materials pricing that many companies use. By using flat rate pricing, we ensure fairness to both you and our service technicians.

Benefits of our Flat-Rate Pricing

You know the price that you’re expected to pay before you agree to pay it – no surprises. The service technician is free to do his job. Not having to worry about calculating and negotiating costs, our service technician can fully concentrate on his specialty – your air conditioning. The responsibility of price is off his shoulders, as every price is in a clear, preprinted book that he can show right to you.

You get the best, most efficient work at a competitive price. Our prearranged prices must be competitive in order to stay afloat in the industry, and they are based on years of performing the same services, years of calculations. Now one family won’t be charged more because an inexperienced technician took longer to make the repair than a tenured one. You can be assured that we send a skilled, efficient repair technician with a fully-stocked truck to perform your work. Since the flat-rate is a guarantee for that job, if anything goes wrong, we will keep coming back until your problem is fully resolved.

How Does it Work?

For all service calls, we charge a $99 diagnostic fee. This assures that you receive service on time, within a reasonable time frame, and from an expertly trained technician. The technician will visually inspect your entire system and present you with available options. Further testing may require an additional fee. 

Our technician will quote you [not estimate] exactly how much it will cost to repair your system. We give all pricing before any work is done, so you can decide if you want to move forward with the repairs.

Remember, we give free estimates on system replacement. We can do this without charging a diagnostic because we do not send a technician in a fully-stocked truck. We send our Comfort Advisor that does not test the system, only specifications.

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