Honeywell Indoor Air Quality Products Offered

Whole-House Electronic Air Cleaner – When installed into your home’s heating and cooling system, a Honeywell Whole-house Air Cleaner traps and filters up to 99% of airborne particles and contaminants passing through the duct system to make sure that cleaner air is distributed to all rooms within your home. A whole-house air cleaner can also help maintain the performance of your furnace and air conditioner.

Whole-House Humidifier – While low humidity levels are great for preventing mold and mildew, they can cause other problems. When installed into your home’s heating and cooling system, a Honeywell Whole-house Humidifier works to automatically maintain a proper humidity level throughout your entire home. It can also help reduce heating bills because humidified air feels warmer.

Whole-House Ventilation System – When installed in your heating and cooling system, a Whole-House Ventilation System reduces air pollutants by bringing in a continuous exchange of fresh, filtered air and sending out stale air – just like having an open window. Plus, it can recover up to 80% of the heating and cooling energy from the air leaving your home.

Whole-House UV Treatment System – Zap surface mold and airborne bacteria passing by the UV light to make sure they don’t survive in your duct system and move into your home’s air.

Honeywell’s 10-Year UltraClean Coil Guarantee

The indoor coils are the heart of your heating and cooling equipment. After a time, mold, dust, smoke, grease and other contaminants can begin to build upon the surface of the coils, robbing you of the comfort and efficiency your systems are supposed to provide. When added to your heating and cooling system, the powerful combination of a Honeywell Whole-House Electronic Air Cleaner and Ultraviolet [UV] Surface Treatment System will help to keep surface mold and other contaminants from growing on your indoor coils, keeping your equipment operating more efficiently for years to come. If your indoor coil requires cleaning within the next ten years, Honeywell will pay 75% of the cost [up to $150] to have it professionally cleaned by a qualified contractor [that’s us]. Ask our personnel for more information on this.


Information provided courtesy of Honeywell – you can visit them by clicking here.