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With Newnan’s humid subtropical climate, one of the first and last things you likely do each day is shower to scrub the muggy feeling away.

But what if, one day, you hop in the shower, and after just a minute, you realize there’s a few inches of murky water by your feet? Or maybe you turn the tap on, but only a measly trickle of water greets you?

Those are all solid symptoms of plumbing system problems. Depending on their severity, you may already need emergency plumbing services.

This guide discusses the signs of problems severe enough to warrant the help of an emergency plumber, so please read on. 

1. Multiple Slow-Moving Drains and Toilets

Does it take a long time for your kitchen sink, bathroom sink, and tub or shower drain to move water out of your home? Are your toilets also taking forever, or perhaps you have to flush them several times?

All those indicate you have a severe clog in your main sewer line. These clogs can be due to flushing things other than the three Ps (pee, poop, and toilet paper) or pouring fats, oil, and grease down the drains.

A clogged sewer line warrants an emergency plumber, as the longer the clog stays there, the bigger it can get. It can completely block the pipe; when it does, it can stop all wastewater from flowing out of your home. That dirty, germ-filled water will have nowhere to go but back to your home.

You don’t want that because exposure to wastewater can lead to waterborne illnesses.

You shouldn’t dump chemical cleaners down your drains or toilets, either. While they can dissolve organic matter, they can also corrode pipes. They can even be a health hazard, posing severe poisoning risks.

Reputable emergency plumbers in Newnan can help by deep cleaning your drains. They use the latest drain cleaning equipment and technologies to clear blockages. The sooner they can clean your drain pipes, the less likely you’ll experience backups. 

2. Plumbing Backups

A backup occurs when wastewater rises from drain pipes and gushes out of drains due to severe plumbing clogs. It can cause illnesses as it contains sewage, dirty water, and organic and inorganic matter.

Its color alone (greenish, brown, gray, or black) can already give you an idea of how filthy and germy it is. On top of that is its rotten egg or putrid smell, which can stink so bad it may give you headaches or nausea.

Please don’t attempt to handle backups on your own. Instead, contact a Newnan plumbing company for emergency drain cleaning services. 

3. Smelly Wet Spots in the Lawn 

Suppose it hasn’t rained in Newnan, GA, for a few days, yet one or more sections of your lawn are damp. To make things worse, they emit a horrible, sewer-like smell. However, the plants growing in these parts also seem greener and lusher than the rest.

In that case, you likely have a leaking sewer line; the damp, smelly spots are due to the pipe leaking wastewater. The latter, full of plant food like nitrogen and phosphorus, could also be the reason behind the plants’ lusher growth. 

A “greener” lawn may be ideal, but not if it’s because of untreated wastewater. It may be nourishing your plants, but it may also be attracting and feeding pests. Also, don’t forget that it’s full of germs that can put your family, including pets, in harm’s way. 

Sewer line leaks can occur due to age, corrosion, pipe collapse, or tree root intrusion. The best way to find out is through emergency plumbing services. A professional can conduct a video inspection to determine what and where the problem is and fix it ASAP. 

4. Sounds of Running Water

If these sounds seem to originate from the walls, they’re likely from a leaking or burst pipe. You can confirm this by turning off the main water shut-off valve.

In many Newnan, GA, homes, the valve is on the property’s perimeter, usually on the side facing the street. If you can’t find it there, check where your outdoor hose bib is or the side of your basement facing the road.

Once you’ve turned the valve off, listen for the same sounds; if they stopped, chances are you have a plumbing leak. This is a pervasive problem in U.S. homes that waste nearly one trillion gallons of water yearly.

If you suspect you have water leaks, please schedule emergency plumbing services. Have them detect and fix the leaks the same day you notice the symptoms.

Otherwise, your pipes will continue to waste water, leading to water and mold damage in your home. Your water bills will keep rising, too. 

5. Significant Drop in Water Pressure

Low water pressure problems can occur due to simultaneous and high demand. For example, you’re showering, you’ve got the clothes and dishwasher running, and another person uses the other bathroom.

If that’s not the case, a sudden and significant drop in water pressure can be due to severe leaks. It can also indicate a water supply pipe burst somewhere in your home. The leak diverts water elsewhere, reducing the water pressure in your taps or showerheads.

You can verify this by turning off your main water shut-off valve. Then, check all the rooms for signs of flooding or pooling water.

If you don’t find any, turn the valve on again and see if the water pressure is still low. If it is, turn it off before calling a Newnan plumber offering emergency services. 

Emergency Plumbing Services to the Rescue

From multiple slow drains to backups and low water pressure, all these indicate serious plumbing woes. So, as soon as you notice them, please schedule emergency plumbing services.

Our team here at Progressive Heating, Air, and Plumbing can help. We proudly serve Newnan, Coweta County, and Metro Atlanta and have been doing so for almost three decades. You can rely on us for all your high-quality plumbing maintenance and repair needs.

So, get in touch with us today! We’ll immediately come to your aid if you require emergency plumbing help.

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