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Do I need to clean my AC condenser coil?

The short answer is: Yes, you do. Regularly.

And we want you to understand why.

First, your condenser coils are part of your outdoor air-conditioning unit.

While there are vents to surround the coil, there aren’t any filters to prevent things like dust, debris, leaves, mud, pine straw, etc. from getting in there.

Over time, an accumulation will begin to cover the coils.

If a peek through the vent of your outdoor AC unit looks anything like this cover image, i.e. coils aren’t visible through the thick layer of dust, dirt, debris, etc, you may be headed for a range of issues.

Some of the issues when the coils aren’t clean:

  • The system will work twice as hard to do the cooling, drastically reducing efficiency.
  • Energy consumption will increase, along with your power bill.
  • Your home won’t be as comfortable.
  • Undue stress can damage important parts of your system and cause costly repairs, including no AC.

Keep the area surrounding your condenser coils (outdoor AC unit) clear of leaves, dirt, debris, etc., which can ultimately harm your system and cause it to run inefficiently.

Out of sight shouldn’t mean out of mind. You may not think your outdoor unit needs a clean. Trust us, it does. The good news, is that we can take care of your coil cleaning – and much more – as part of our annual Comfort Assurance Plan.

You may not notice how dirty your condenser coil can get, especially when surrounded by vents. So here’s an example of the coils exposed where our skilled Service Technician, Andrew, has cleaned one side so you can see the difference. Clean coils help your system run much more efficiently!

What can you do?

Apart from keeping the area surrounding your outdoor unit clear, it’s always recommended to have a skilled technician clean the condenser coils. Sometimes special chemicals are necessary.

To help you save and keep your system running as efficiently as possible, we also recommend the following:

1. Develop a ‘Maintenance Mindset’

First, we encourage you to develop a ‘Maintenance Mindset’. Think of maintaining your HVAC system like car maintenance.

To run efficiently, your car needs regular oil changes, tune-ups, transmission service, etc.

The same goes for your HVAC system. Consider coil cleaning a standard part of your overall HVAC maintenance.

2. Sign up for a Routine Maintenance Plan

One of the best ways to keep your home’s HVAC system running at top efficiency, and avoid unnecessary costs, is to sign up for an annual routine maintenance plan, such as our ‘Comfort Assurance Agreement’.

Benefits include a range of cost-savings, discounts, priority status, twice a year inspections to prevent any developing issues, and much more.

We offer a variety of plans to suit your unique needs.

Plus, customers on our ‘BETTER’ (and up) plan automatically receive a yearly coil clean from our skilled technicians.

Has it been a while since your condenser coils were cleaned?

If so, chances are they may look like one of the pictures we’ve included in this post. If you’re unsure, that’s what we’re here for.

For more information about coil cleaning and/or our Comfort Assurance Plan, you can:

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Learn more about benefits here: Do I really need a yearly maintenance agreement?

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